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Health Department
Health and Community Services
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Household Waste Accepted Materials

Many pesticides, weed killers, automotive products, cleaning products and hobby supplies that we use in our homes contain toxic chemicals that become hazardous waste. If we simply toss these products in the garbage, pour them down the drain, or dump them onto the ground, the result can be pollution to our soil and water.

The Macomb County Health Department accepts household hazardous waste, free of charge, from Macomb County residents on scheduled collection days in an effort to assure proper disposal of these materials.

Typical materials accepted include (please note not all items, such as computers and e-waste, are accepted at satellite collection sites):

Automotive Products

  • used motor oil and filters
  • gasoline
  • brake fluid
  • antifreeze
  • battery acid
  • waxes, polishes, cleaners
  • transmission fluid

Lawn/Garden Products

  • pesticides
  • weed killers
  • fertilizers
  • poisons

Household Products

  • oven cleaner
  • oil based paint
  • muriatic acid
  • rain cleaner
  • solvents
  • pool chemicals
  • rat/ant poison
  • unused aerosols
  • lighter fluid
  • -nail polish & remover
  • degreasers
  • photography chemicals
  • products containing mercury
  • fluorescent tubes & compact fluorescent lamps                   


  • non-narcotic medications
  • over-the-counter drugs
  • vitamins, dietary supplements              

The Health Department is now partnering with local pharmacies to expand our drug disposal program. For a list of participating pharmacies please click here.

We reserve the right to limit quantities accepted at HHW collections.     

 Materials NOT accepted are:

Latex (water based) paint - see "How to Dispose of Latex Paint" below

Automotive/marine batteries - return to battery retailer

Household Batteries - contact your municipality or local waste hauler

Propane tanks - contact your local propane distributor

Ammunition and explosives - contact your local law enforcement agency

Smoke detectors-return to manufacturer or wrap in newsprint and discard at  curbside

Controlled substances - For information on locations of disposal sites for controlled substances click here.

Syringes and sharps - contact your local pharmacy or hospital or follow the link to:

How to Dispose of Latex Paint

1.  Latex paint must be dried out or solidified prior to disposal.  Use cat litter or other suitable absorbent material to dry out the paint.

2.  Once the paint is solidified, leave the lid off the can and set it out for collection with your regular curbside refuse.  Waste hauling companies can not and will not accept liquid waste materials.

3.  If you are unsure whether the paint is latex (water-based), refer to the clean-up instructions on the paint can.  Clean-up for latex paint can be done using water.


If you have any questions, call us at 586-469-5236, Monday-Friday, 
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or E-mail us now.

24/7 Hot line 586-466-7923

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