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Health Department
Health and Community Services
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Permits and Licensing Services

In Macomb County, body art establishments and activities are regulated under the Regulations Governing Body Art Establishments in Macomb County, Michigan which became effective in February 2009. Under the regulation, all body art and permanent cosmetic establishments must have Health Department approval and individuals performing body art or permanent cosmetics may do so only in an approved establishment.

Michigan law requires a campground license when five (5) or more recreational units are placed on a property and are used for temporary living quarters. This applies to sites that operate year-round (permanent campground) or for a temporary amount of time (temporary campground). The Macomb County Health Department conducts inspections and licensing of all such sites.

A significant segment of Macomb County's residents and small businesses rely on wells for their drinking water supply. Proper design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of drinking water wells is critical to the prevention of water-related diseases.

Fees associated with various environmental health services.

Environmental Health Services Portal

Listing of environmental health services associated with fees.

Food Service permit applicants and permit holders are required to submit the necessary documents to the health department for review and approval before construction, conversion or remodeling begins. This helps establishments save time and money by ensuring they will comply with current code and regulatory requirements.

State law requires a facility that prepares or serves food or drink to the general public to be licensed as a food service establishment.

The local Health Department is required to conduct routine, unannounced inspections of licensed food service facilities.

Frequently used health department forms.

A significant portion of Macomb County relies on septic systems for sewage disposal. Proper design, installation, and maintenance is critical for the prevention of water pollution and communicable diseases caused by human waste.

Parcels or properties for sale that rely on a well for drinking water and/or a septic system for sewage disposal are required by Macomb County regulation to have these systems evaluated prior to closing.

Pools and spas that are not properly maintained can create a health and safety risk to the people using it. Rashes, infections, and flu-like diseases can be caused from water that is not adequately disinfected or filtered. Physical injury may result if the pool or spa equipment and structure is not in good condition.

Under the shelter management program, health department staff perform the following activities: Conduct inspections of child care and adult foster care facilities, license and inspect campgrounds and respond to complaints pertaining to improper sewage disposal in manufactured home communities.

Subdivisions or condominiums proposed in areas that are not served by municipal water and/or municipal sewage must rely on wells and septic systems. The Macomb County Health Department regulates these sites by conducting an evaluation of the soil conditions and the drinking water source via a test well.