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Health Department
Health and Community Services
43525 Elizabeth Road, Mount Clemens, MI 48043
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Speakers Bureau

The Macomb County Health Department has a wide variety of presentations and speakers available.  Please contact the speaker directly to request more information or request a presentation at your community agency, school or worksite. Two - four weeks notice is required for many speakers. Most presentations will require a minimum number of registered participants.

Emergency Preparedness


Presentation will discuss history of bio-terrorism and current bio-hazard threats.  Learn how to protect yourself and your family before, during and after bio-hazard events.

Youth Preparedness

For 5th Grade students.  A 40 - 60 minute presentation covering the types of disasters that could impact Macomb County and how 5th graders can prepare for those emergencies by creating an emergency kit and a communication plan.

Personal Health: Chronic Disease Prevention, Communicable Disease Prevention, Health Promotion and Injury Prevention


For groups interested in learning more about the benefits of breastfeeding, breastfeeding resources in Macomb County for families, workplace policies for breastfeeding employees, the CoffectiveTM initiative, and navigating the provisions of the Affordable Care Act as it relates to breastfeeding services.

Car Seat Safety

Parents and caregivers will learn how to safely transport their children from birth through the tween years following Michigan laws and child passenger safety best practices.

Reproductive Health Train- the-Trainer

Informational presentations for educators, professionals or interested community members. Overview of STDS/HIV, transmission methods, high risk behaviors, prevention, screening, treatment options, as well as methods of contraceptives. This presentation is designed to complement existing high school health reproductive health lessons.

Diabetes Prevention Program (16-week series)

An evidence based program to help participants lose weight and lower their risk of type 2 diabetes by 58%. Participants meet in a group setting with a trained Lifestyle Coach to learn how to make modest lifestyle changes and improve their health.  Eligibility requirements may apply.


Presentation geared for high school grade students to community members on the effects of Hookah on the body. Resources can be provided to help those individuals interested in quitting.

Infant Nutrition

A specialized presentation for parent and professional groups on the differences between breastfeeding and formula-feeding, the different types of infant formulas and how they are similar (or different), how and when to introduce solid foods, and common myths and misconceptions.

Infant Safe Sleep

Presentation for professionals, community or school groups who are interested in learning more about preventing infant deaths due to unsafe sleep situations.  Education is provided on current safe sleep guidelines, reasons for these recommendations, risk factors, and common myths.  These deaths are 100% preventable so there is particular emphasis on the importance of sharing this information with everyone who may take care of a baby.

Lead Prevention Poisoning and Awareness

Presentation for professionals, community or school groups interested in learning more about the dangers of lead poisoning and its effects in children.

Prenatal Nutrition

For professional or parent groups interested in learning more about the latest trends in prenatal nutrition, including current weight gain recommendations, nutritional requirements of pregnancy, and how to treat some common discomforts of pregnancy using food.

Picky Eaters

For professional or parent groups working with preschool aged children.  Learn why some children are naturally more picky than others, what happens when children are forced to eat, the consequences of too much milk or juice, some popular approaches to getting children to try new foods, and the division of responsibility between child and adult at mealtimes.

Smoking Prevention - Show & Tell

3rd - 6th grade students. Presentation geared toward upper elementary and middle school students that discusses different tobacco products and their harmful effects on the body. This presentation includes emerging products like e-cigarettes and hookah.

Smoking Prevention - Truth or Dare

6th - 12th grade students. Presentation geared toward middle and high school students that discusses different tobacco products and their harmful effects on the body. This presentation includes emerging products like e-cigarettes and hookah.

WIC Program

For groups interested in learning more about the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program.  Questions such as "Who does the program serve?" and "What are the benefits of participating?" will be answered.